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Jon Callahan began his early construction career working for his father's business, Bob Callahan Services. After his father's death in 2001, Jon worked with other commercial construction companies in Little Rock to hone his skills and become the well-rounded contractor he is today. 

In September 2010, Jon went into business for himself and founded Jon Callahan Construction, Inc. The company quickly grew in size and scope of services, which lead to the full incorporation of JCC Inc. in 2011 with a license for residential and commercial contracting work.

JCC, Inc. has a well-established reputation of providing quality, customer focused services. JCC excels at difficult jobs that others shy away from due to the condition of the site, existing structure problems or other out of the ordinary circumstances. Our experience also extends to complex commercial buildings and historic remodels.

JCC teams with top architects in the design and engineering world to deliver high-end projects that demand a professional design team. “Building relationships through quality construction” is our mission. We emphasize quality in all the work that we do. Our work is built to last. At JCC we create lasting professional relationships and repeat business.

What Sets Us Apart

Taking your project from concept to reality

From working architectural drawings to creating quick sketches, we can help you determine what will work and what will not

We offer an online customer portal

View your budget at all times from your computer or your phone, Your budget, schedule, and project notes all in one place.

Full photo documentation of our work

JCC takes photos of all in-floor and in-wall mechanicals and utilities (with measurements) to document our work and assist with future repairs and upgrades!

Top-notch remodeling expertise

JCC takes special care to seal off areas that are under construction to minimize dust and odors from entering the remainder of your home. 

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